Aguilar de la Frontera, 5th June 2019

SMV CANADÁ EDITION awards Don PX 1990 Grand Gold.

The well-known SMV Canada Edition has an international competition panel testing the wines according to the Universal guidelines for vineyards and wine. This event is a highlight among VINOFED (World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits) contests, it has a prestigious jury panel, with important personalities as the Argentinian Cristina Pandolfi, the Belgian Noël Fourcroy or the Canadian François Côté.

Don PX 1990 Grand Gold Medal, impresses for being a very fresh sweet wine, with a wide range of aromas: cinnamon, vanilla, and long cocoa finish. It’s been aged for 28Year In American oak barrels and was bottled last July 2018. Don PX wines are sweet wines of Pedro Ximénez raisins, aged for many years in oak barrels and made following the traditional Cordovan sun-drying process.

Toro Albalá wine is once again awarded a prize of international influence. This gives the Cordovan winery an important boost in its brand positioning in the luxury wines world.