The wines of Toro Albalá awarded again by  Luis Gutiérrez, spanish wines reviewer for Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.

To be accurate, we have to explain the value of the rating in wines. The wines score 96 and over are Extraordinary wines “of profound and complex character displaying all the attributes expected of a classic wine of its variety”. The wines between 90-96 points are “outstanding wine of exceptional complexity and character”. For that wines that are between 80-89 points, we speak about a “barely above average to very good wine displaying various degrees of finesse and flavor as well as character with no noticeable flaws”.

The score for the Toro Albalá wines are:

1980 Don PX Selección – 97 points.

1937 Don PX Ginés Liébana – 96 points.

1990 Don PX – 93 points.

NV Palo Cortado Marqués de Poley Selección – 92 points.

NV Amontillado Viejísimo Solera 1922 Marqués de Poley – 92 points.

Fino Eléctrico Del Lagar  Saca de Primavera – 88 points.

As a highlight, the wine-tasting notes of some wines like the Don PX Selección 1980: “is said to come from a warm and dry year that favored the raising of the PX grapes. This has a lot of candied fruit and spice […] It surprised me with a complex and somewhat savory nose, reminiscent of bitter chocolate, licorice and roasted coffee, carob beans, and black pepper”; or the Don PX 1990: “Compared with the rest of wines, this feels like a very good value. These wines mature in old 550-liter American oak casks for decades, and the wines have great concentration. IT felt unusually perfumed – notes of orange peel and flowers, and of course the raisin and dry dates and figs […] It’s sweet and dense like the motor oil and leaves a combination of raisins and chocolate in the spicy and faintly warm finish”.

Toro Albalá wants to share with you that we are delighted of being part of one of the most-well-rated list in the wine world. Being on the top of the ranking for over 6 Years is the result of the great effort in the pursuit of maximum quality, the exclusivity of the vintage and artisanal products.