A visit to Toro Albalá is like stepping back in time.  From the moment you walk through the main door, it is like going back to the 1960s when part of the premises were refurbished.  A microclimate of wine, vegetation and friendship will make you feel at home.

A must-see in this visit is the Sala de Catas (tasting room), home to one of Spain’s few specialist wine libraries.  This is presided over by a sculpture of the god of wine Bacchus from the second century AD, which was a gift from an English archaeologist who was enchanted by this estate in Aguilar de la Frontera. All the walls are decorated with extracts from the works of Spanish botanist Roxas Clemente showing the grape varieties of the world, whilst books on different farming techniques, wine tasting, labelling or the history of the wine world make this a majestic place.

On the ceiling you can see instructions on how to produce Amontillados, considered the kings of vinos generosos.

The visit includes a tour of the great hall where our most prized treasures are kept and ends at the small family museum containing archaelogical artefacts among others. Family heirlooms, archaelogical gifts and personal acquisitions make up this collection which includes falcatas (Iberian swords) and late 19th century typewriters, alongside the remain skeleton of Roman slave found on one of the winery’s farms.

In short, visitors will become time and space travellers of enoculture.