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James Suckling published his “Top 100 Spanish Wines 2017” on Friday 19th January. This famous American wine and cigar critic, who was born in California, is also CEO at Wine Spectator, one of the most influential magazines in the wine world. The expert wine guru travelled around Spain with his son, editor of the Wine Spectator magazine, during the whole month of June 2017.

To draw final conclusions, father and son tasted about 1200 different wines from “floral, finely structured Bobal grown in La Manchuela to toffee-flavoured, unctuous PXs aged up to 80 years in, making “the most diverse wide-ranking list from the country we’ve ever put together”, clipping the press article of Mr. Suckling.

On the top of the classification with 100 points, we can find Vega Sicilia Único – in his own words- “is still Spain’s most iconic wine in every respect: pedigree, longevity and consistency”. Among the top 10, we can find Muga Rioja Prado Enea Gran Reserva 2010 (Haro, La Rioja), CUNE Rioja Real de Asua 2001 and López de Heredia Rioja Gran Reserva Viña Tondonia 1996

We are proud to announce that the very old PXs from Bodegas Toro Albalá are once again included in the prestigious wine list. James Suckling selected two old vintage wines among the Top 100: Don PX Convento Selección 1981 and Don PX Vieja Cosecha 1973. The first wine -one of the most awarded wines from the winery- obtained 95 points from Suckling. This wine is intense, ebony dark- coloured, its bouquet is extremely rich with predominant notes of orange skin, fig, prune, vanilla and toffee. An amazing pure cocoa finish of mouth.

The second one was ranked with 94 points. This wine is characterized by its freshness, herbal and minty notes, with a lovely cinnamon finish.

These unique wines – which grape variety is Pedro Ximénez – are the only representative fortified wines rated, hence the two single wines from D.O. Montilla-Moriles with a space for themselves among Suckling’s top 100 from Spain .

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