Toro Albalá Gran Reserva Vinegar P.D.O Montilla moriles awarded Gold Medal in the 2019 Vinavin Awards, one of the most important vinegar contest in the world. The Cordoban winery, producer of wine and vinegar, it is already well-recognized for its top-scores in this contest in previous years.

Bodegas Toro Albalá has been aging high-quality vinegar in their facilities from Moriles for decades. The production and aging of vinegar have always been part of the tradition of the Cordoban countryside.

According to P.D.O. “Vinegar of Montilla-Moriles” regulation,  Toro Albalá produce Gran Reserva Vinegars. Toro Albalá Vinagre Gran Reserva comes from Fino wines and a vinegar aging for more than 30Y. It presents itself ebony-colored, with copper hues. Clean and bright. It is very intense in the nose. Balanced acidity, deep persistent and aromatic, with toasted and nuts in the aftertaste. A perfect pair for anchovies salad or tuna fish tartar. Great partner of the Asiatic cuisine.

In this contest, where the expert members of the jury make a blind tasting of the vinegar, have also been awarded distinctive medals vinegars such as Aceto Balsámico di Modena IGP INVECHIATO, de Carapelli Firenze Sa –Tavernelle Val Di Pesa (Italia); Honey Vinegar, Supreme Vinegar – Philadelphia (EE.UU.) y Vinagre Gran Reserva Chiachio- (Cabra-España).

Bodegas Toro Albalá succeed again in a well-recognized contest in vinegar world and also been recognized by its traditional way of aging vinegar P.D.O. Montilla-Moriles.