Antonio Sanchez is the alma mater of the Toro Albalá house. With his own vision of the world of fine Andalusian wines, he has been a revolutionary since the 1960s and has raised the profile of Don PX grapes, hitherto used for wine blends, to the prominence they deserve. He learnt about the merits of aged wines during his training at the French school of Bordeaux and returned to his homeland to revolutionise the Pedro Ximénez wines of Montilla-Moriles and raise them to the Olympus of wines.

Wine Advocate, the most important magazine in the wine world, rated him as “proprietor, idealist, entrepreneur, winemaker with real character, the mastermind behind the ideas of Toro Albalá … one of a kind in the wineries of Montilla-Moriles”.

Knowledge, since childhood, of both Andalusia and the European wine world has made him into a classic an old schoolcreator with a modern feel.  His wines display the finesse of the Pedro Ximenez grapes from the Cordoba countryside whilst transporting us to faraway universes.  The oriental notes found in these aged wines gives the winelover a taste of the exotic.  Each wine is unique with a character all its own and recounts its passage of time with the elegance intended by its creator.