Toro Albalá winery is situated in Montilla-Moriles (PDO), within the large Andalusian winegrowing regions known for the production of “fino” wines , due to terrains rich in “albarizas”, a white chalky soil which enables these unique wines to be produced in the gentle hills of the Cordoban countryside.

However, there is another feature particular to this Cordoban region and that is the cultivation of the Pedro Ximénez grape.  Grown on new vines after the phylloxera pest crisis, the classic Pedro Ximénez is the grape from which both dry and sweet wines are produced.  Its adaptation to the interior climate in these altitudes permits it to thrive in the dry conditions and high temperatures of summer, as shown in Roxas Clemente’s picture of this grape.

Each of the small plots of land owned by Antonio Sanchez’s family is selected for the cultivation, harvesting and production of our different wines.  In the case of “finos”, “amontillados” or Pedro Ximénez sweet wines, these must be in Moriles Altos.  However, small plots in the Montalbán region are necessary for grape dessication.

The Pedro Ximénez grape is grown in the chalky “albariza” soil found in Moriles Altos or the Aguilar plains. Toro Albalá vineyards span 50 hectares on the La Noria estate, where the original winery was situated in 1844 before being relocated to the current headquarters in the heart of Cordoba.  As is typical for this area, the soil is chalky and its wealth of calcium carbonate allows for the retention of high humidity, an excellent quality for a climate which is excessively dry in summer.